Peoples Children's Ministry


Our Nursery is open during our services for parents to use with there young children. Due to COVID precautions, we do not currently have volunteers who serve in the nursery.


Children’s Church (ages 2-10)

During our 10:45am Worship Service, we offer our Children’s Church for preschoolers.  Separate classes are available for 2-3 year olds and our 4-5 year olds.  Our goal is for these preschoolers to know that God made them, God loves them, and that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. Creative activities are implemented that engage their little senses to help them grasp these truths.


Children’s Church (ages 6-10)

For our 1st-5th graders, we offer our Children’s Church during the adult worship service.  We have our own "worship service" including music, a lesson directly from the Word of God and some form of hands-on learning tool to help in their understanding of the Bible.  Our goal is that they grow spiritual "roots" through understanding why we believe what we believe and the lengths to which God has gone to show us His love and to make us His own.  We want to grow a strong group of future godly leaders for generations to come!

Sunday & Wednesday Evening Services

During our Sunday evening adult service, we provide a more laid back and fun approach to worship.  Our children are again placed into age appropriate classrooms where we enjoy singing, object lessons, crafts, games, etc. 

During our Wednesday evening adult Bible study, we come together for a time of "community".  Children attend the class appropriate for their age with the 6-10 year old students meeting in the gym.  We have an object lesson followed by a time of "community" which allows the students learn and appreciate the importance of fellowship and fun with their Christian peers at church.